Complete parts list for a Slofly/Superslo28 kit

1. sheet 18 x 36 1.3# 9mm epp white foam
2. 40" x 3mm carbon rods or tubes
3. 5g servo for aileron/elevator/rudder
1 1300kv blue wonder outrunner type motor
1. gws 9050 hd prop
1. prop saver + bands
1 set Dubro micro pushrods (20-30") version
2 sets dubro quick connects
1. motor mount.
2. sets dubro micro horns
1. sheet of lightply 16th inch thick
1 roll strapping tape
1. 9-10 amp brushless esc
1. box #11 x-acto blades
1. medal straight edge (18-24 inch)
sharpie pens for color
5 minute epoxy
hot glue gun with low temp sticks
battery used is 7.4 volt 360 mah is what I use.
1 small 4 channel receiver (I use the gws 4 channel)
1 transmitter.




     SLOFLY28 ...... Full 3D type aircraft fast roll rates

     SUPERSLO28 .....Full 3D plane with larger wings (Better trainer)

     "New" Slofly22" ......Mini Slofly

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