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What is Sdparkflyers.com.? It is a web site where you can buy my RC plans, I also offer many Free plans.

What are RC plans? They are a set of .pdf documents, that when printed, serve as full size patterns. These aid in the cutting of EPP/Depron foam parts needed to build a particular RC foam plane kit.

What is included? When you download a set of free foam plane plans from us. You get tiled plans you can print on your home computer printer, When you order radio control parts and accessories form my new online store most orders are shipped within 24-48 hours.

PayPal? Yes all orders that require payment are completed using secure PayPal transactions. However, you do not need a PayPal account to purchase foam plane plans. Once an order is complete, we will e-mail you the plans. Emails are sent Daily. In very rare cases, it may take longer to process your order.

About Me? My name is Robert Viskil. I have been building and Flying RC plans for over 20 years, I decided to build my own online website about 7 years ago.

FREE STUFF? Yes I have free plans that you can download and build using your favorite building material of Choice. My plans are designed around 1.3# 9mm EPP foam.

For Sale? Yes I offer plans and other stuff for sale on my site, I'm not going to get rich selling plans and other Radio Controlled parts. But it help to keep the website up and running.