Building basics:

Remember your goal here is to build light (don't slop on heavy glues and over do paint as weight is a killer) you are shooting to build a plane under 7oz here.

I don't use any type of glue to hold servos in place they are just held in by cutting the foam a little smaller then the servo and taping them in place with some small pieces of strapping tape I use Hot glue to attach my control horns and even my motor mount is just held in place with tape.

cut a hole in the fuselage for your speed controller and tape it in place. even make the strip of velcro that holds the battery in place just big enough to hold the pack. my strip is only 1/2 inch by 7 inches it does not need to be as big as the whole pack (velcro is stronger then you think)

I use becon foam tac glue now to glue in all my carbon rods (glue dries clear and is very flexible) and wont break or crack in a crash

Have any question or tips Email me at thebigdog@san.rr.com

Check out the complete Superslo28 build thread on the rcgroups full of over 30 full color how to photos and more.

I also have a complete parts list of what you will need to build a kit.




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